Morning Low

Baseball. Joe Girardi?! Why. World Series. Cool second game. Homeruns galore. And. More of the same. Gold chains. Chewing. Expectorating. Yeah. Gross. Not as yukky as harassment claims against Mark Halperin of Game Change. The Circus. And. Morning Joe.

As Shark Kevin O’Leary said today to Megyn Kelly, the financial services industry has consequences for these actions, so it is rare in that sector. It wasn’t in my day. Bottom line, if you are someone’s boss, of any gender, don’t hit on them of any gender. It’s a power thing.

Ironic fact: Mark Halperin’s mother is Ina Weinstein.

Dealin’ Don

The Art of the Deal. Taking it to the limits of all decorum and propriety. Scaring the country to distraction with wacky tweets and ridiculous rhetoric. Moving at light speed through Executive Orders with veiled threats. Then. The Don comes out in front of Congress with surprising sanity. Can it be believed? Maybe. Democrats will be so relieved not to have mass deportations or sick people dumped in the streets, they will have no choice but to compromise.

Hope springs… A nice couple from Louisiana gave us Mardi Gras beads in Central Park yesterday. So. As they say. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Snooze? Lose to Cruz

So Donald. The Art of the Deal. Making America Great Again. With no organization? Nor savvy staff? Winging it? Didn’t do your homework to analyze the process in each State? This is how you run a successful business? Country? You were out garnering huge crowds. While. Ted’s machine was Cruzin’ around the country. Strategically understanding the game.

You say you know how to play to win, El Trumpo. Yet. Cruz silently slipstreamed until time to persuade delegates. Then he was ready and pounced. Ooops. Maybe you blew this deal.

Greatest Show on Earth?!

This year’s 3-ring Presidential race is out of control. Orange-haired barker ducks as Carnival Cruz hurls swords his way. Rube to the O wears the organ-grinder outfit well. The flying Bushes trapeze overhead, hoping for a wide net. Hillary sharpens her whip for the animal act. Bernie the Clown has stolen the show.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz weighed in. He doesn’t like the tangled acrobatics under the Big Top. Mark Halperin and John Heilemann shine the light on behind the scenes antics in their fantastic Showtime series The Circus.

Film Fest

Thanks to a gracious screening treat. Got to see Oscar-nominated films. On the bright side. Spotlight. A wise, poignant, powerful, well-written piece with a stellar ensemble cast. Journalism that rocked the Catholic Church around the world. The Big Short. Preachy pretentious primer on the mortgage-backed financial collapse of 2008. Poorly written for elementary school students who need a seminar in finance and a wrap on the wrist. A plotless diatribe pandering to Elizabeth Warren-ites. Blech!  Brooklyn next.

Nary a flake in Northampton. IMG_1905

Unlike NYC. IMG_1695

Looking forward to NFL fest.

Tina and Darrell nailed it. Again.