L Tryptophan lingering. It’s December? People are already putting up trees. Lights lining houses. Wreaths on doors. Hanukkah is over. Christmas shopping? Everyone is abuzz about Bezos’ drone delivery idea. NYTimes‘ Dowd says it’s faster to go to the store. I disagree. But, that’s always been me. A woman loathe to shop. Maybe it comes from years of working in Dad’s retail.

Here’s the thing. Called local bookstore for a particular title. Woman said computer down, call back. Did. Didn’t have it, could get it in 4 days. Amazon 2 days, cheaper. Same with clothes. Go to Brooks Brothers et al.  Lousy selection of inventory. Out of your size. Go online. Get your size, color, style. Hits your door in a week. Don’t like it? Free shipping back. No surly sales people, mall rats.

Bye bye bricks and mortar. Who needs headaches and overhead?

4 Replies to “AmaZone”

  1. Well, I particularly like to support the local bookstores. BTW, have you read Donna Tarrts new book yet? or Wally Lambs?


  2. Almost done with Tartt’s Goldfinch. Liking it. Never a fan of Wally Lamb. I try to support local bookstores. But, service is their one and only commodity left. Plus, local author readings…

    Bill Ayers just spoke at Broadside Books. Hmmm.


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