Post Stuffington 2013

photo-44Turkey-kkah indeed. Chopped chicken livers from Goldberg’s deli to start. Dr.Husband performed the bris. Bird with all the fixin’s. Delish. Grandma sang the annual “I don’t want to be a turkey…they stuff you and bake you” song with the children.IMG_1359

IMG_2861Gorgeous vistas and perfectly set tableaux with gelt.
Grace Nardi’s ghost. Don’t ask.
Flaming Doritos. Outside in the firepit.
Family psychotherapy for dessert.
Another Thanksgiving in the books.  BaQtgcjCMAAFpgL.jpg-large

6 Replies to “Post Stuffington 2013”

  1. ‘Twas indeed a wonderful day. Thanks to all for helping us host our first of hopefully many to come. See you all in a few weeks.


    1. Many to come! Yay. It was a fab fun day.
      THanks to you and Alicat. She wouldn’t let me post a photo of her.


  2. did Dr. H learn how to carve in medical school?? It is a real skill.
    Looks fun, festive and a foodys dream.


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