Post Stuffington 2013

photo-44Turkey-kkah indeed. Chopped chicken livers from Goldberg’s deli to start. Dr.Husband performed the bris. Bird with all the fixin’s. Delish. Grandma sang the annual “I don’t want to be a turkey…they stuff you and bake you” song with the children.IMG_1359

IMG_2861Gorgeous vistas and perfectly set tableaux with gelt.
Grace Nardi’s ghost. Don’t ask.
Flaming Doritos. Outside in the firepit.
Family psychotherapy for dessert.
Another Thanksgiving in the books.  BaQtgcjCMAAFpgL.jpg-large

Happy Turkey-kkah!

First night of Hanukkah tonight. Thanksgiving Eve. Not since 1888 have turkeys tangled with menorahs. Stuffings are cooked and ready to go to Joey3Sticks & Alicat’s. First hosting for the whole ‘mishbuccah’. Excited. Wait ’til they see 30 of us flow through the front door. So many side dishes and plates. Oy vey.

Cashews Jake and Ben can light the candles as we finish Cathy’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Who needs pies? It’s a food and family festival. Have a happy one!

Stuffington Post Scripts

Happy 175th Birthday to Mount Holyoke College. First and still all-women’s liberal arts school in the United States. Mary Lyon rocks. Speaking of women shaking, excitement in Springfield’s strip club scene. Explosive. Lucky no one seriously injured. G-strings only slightly tattered. Poles pulverized.

In keeping with consumption theme of the weekend, new flat-screen and Mac-Pro purchases achieved. Red Saturday. Great to have mAdBen home again. 

Stuffington Post 2011

25 lb. Vermont bird demolished, nary a slice left. Lots of eating and laughing accomplished. Minor dysfunctional family melt-downs. Everyone survived. I think. JeanJean chef de cuisine queen made it all happen. At CandyPants’ house.

mAdHad and mAdBen compared account management notes. Cuzins colluded and rebelled to mess up the place cards so they could sit together. Alicat wasn’t here so I had the neck and gizzard to myself. Church basement rentals returned. Thanksgiving for healthy Grandmama.

StuffingtonSaturday cuzins’ football game. 

Side Trek – Blog Spotted

Pioneer Valley newspaper Daily Hampshire Gazette featured TheSideTrek in Phoebe Mitchell’s “Blog Spotter” report. Cool! Great article. Read it here, the link works now, thanks to Noah:

‘Florence Woman Makes Mark on CNN Blog, and Her Own’. Ms. Mitchell highlighted frequent on-air Cafferty File comments, Recipe Detours, 2010 best TrekBooks and eclectic ramblings including the Hopper exhibit at the Whitney. Nod to GemQueen. Mitchell cited snarky “Skippy Hallow” post, and liked that Alicat and I fought over the neck and gizzard on Thanksgiving.

James Franco hosting Oscars, Ben’s NYU Econ Honors thesis acclaim and now this, good times. Thanks for your 14,000 visits and comment away into 2011!