Stuffington Post 2011

25 lb. Vermont bird demolished, nary a slice left. Lots of eating and laughing accomplished. Minor dysfunctional family melt-downs. Everyone survived. I think. JeanJean chef de cuisine queen made it all happen. At CandyPants’ house.

mAdHad and mAdBen compared account management notes. Cuzins colluded and rebelled to mess up the place cards so they could sit together. Alicat wasn’t here so I had the neck and gizzard to myself. Church basement rentals returned. Thanksgiving for healthy Grandmama.

StuffingtonSaturday cuzins’ football game. 

8 Replies to “Stuffington Post 2011”

  1. wasn’t that the worst ad?? she just loves herself—
    plus it had others smoking and gambling……why??


  2. Bizarre and unfunny. They are all so into themselves–yucky!..On the other hand, “Up with Chris Hayes”, the Sat/Sun show is smart and interesting. And, I must say that I love Al Sharpton’s commercial, which IS actually funny.


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