Post Stuffington Post

Political conversation this Thanksgiving a first. Family rarely let it all hang out. For many reasons. But, 2015 has given birth to new voices. Apolitical siblings are all Trump. Independent-minded moderates can’t find a Republican they like. Rubio a rube. Ted snarly. Bush lite. The usual moon bats prefer Bernie and don’t like Hillary much, but Supreme Court appointees brought everyone together. Bottom line. Hillary may pull it off.

Watched Amy Schumer’s Train Wreck. Hader and Swinton were great. Otherwise. Okay.

In Sports news. Joey3Sticks picks Denver over New England. Yes. You heard it here. Injuries over talent. But, hey. AFC. They are all girls anyway. Go Giants!

Post Stuffington 2014

Scattered family this year. KrankyKristmas will reunite all factions.

It is complicated to be a young American man anything other than white. Unless you’ve lived it, you can’t understand it. Charles Blow makes it clearer. But, still. We never will. Author Harlen Coben’s familiar experience at a Barnes & Noble in Holyoke 2005 . Take our blessings as they come.

Unusually interesting football games on Thanksgiving. Too bad they were all lopsided. Mark Sanchez had a resurrection. More like Easter. Kaepernick is stu…not smart. Harbaugh lousy time manager. Seahawks sleazy. Go Green Bay.

Winter Header Photo: G. Levine. Shelburne, Massachusetts
Snow: WordPress

Post Stuffington 2013

photo-44Turkey-kkah indeed. Chopped chicken livers from Goldberg’s deli to start. Dr.Husband performed the bris. Bird with all the fixin’s. Delish. Grandma sang the annual “I don’t want to be a turkey…they stuff you and bake you” song with the children.IMG_1359

IMG_2861Gorgeous vistas and perfectly set tableaux with gelt.
Grace Nardi’s ghost. Don’t ask.
Flaming Doritos. Outside in the firepit.
Family psychotherapy for dessert.
Another Thanksgiving in the books.  BaQtgcjCMAAFpgL.jpg-large

Stuffington Post Scripts

Happy 175th Birthday to Mount Holyoke College. First and still all-women’s liberal arts school in the United States. Mary Lyon rocks. Speaking of women shaking, excitement in Springfield’s strip club scene. Explosive. Lucky no one seriously injured. G-strings only slightly tattered. Poles pulverized.

In keeping with consumption theme of the weekend, new flat-screen and Mac-Pro purchases achieved. Red Saturday. Great to have mAdBen home again.