Mandela center stage. Recall writing policy at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco 1980’s. Consulted with Laura Tyson at UC Berkeley to apply Sullivan Principles to multi-national clients. California was a leader in anti-apartheid sanctions. Seems forever ago.

Flipping over to live Sound of Music on NBC last night. Morbid curiosity. Stilted acting, cheesy sets, bad singing. If it wasn’t an SNL skit, it should be.

Sightings… Joan Rivers in white ermine at Twelfth Night on Broadway…mAdBen rave reviews for Mark Rylance as Olivia…CandyPants at Yankee Candle in Deerfield…what?…JeanJean dipping roast beef sandwich at Farm Table in Bernardston…holiday oddities. Bon Sinter Klaas weekend.

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  1. Sound of Music my all-time favorite movie/show ever. Was so excited for sing-a-long last night at 8pm. Made it till 8:10pm then fell promptly asleep until 5am…a complete snooze. AmherstMan says worse than a high school musical.

    As for Mandela- now the person at the top of my “if I could meet one person in the whole world” list is hopefully resting in peace!


  2. You’re killing me. Someone wants to know who you went to Yankee candle with! You must like that friend better than the one who wants to know who you went with!!


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