Mad Monday

LastMadCap of the season: Really? Don’s turn of heart shocking. He likes her with his kids more than the mature one who doesn’t like children. Plus mature one wants him to face his past, he’s opting to stay the course into the future. Didn’t see this coming. Betty more evil than ever. Peggy is the true creative genius, Joan’s gambit with pregnancy predictable. Can’t believe we have to wait a year for more. Staying in period costume, I’ll put on my pearls and housedress now to honor June Cleaver RIP.

JoanB introduced us to Henning Mankell’s Kurt Wallander mysteries as an antidote for Stieg Larsson Salander withdrawal. I’m late to the game, but just discovered Kenneth Branaugh as Wallander rebroadcast from BBC on PBS. Watched one episode and it recalls the grit and mood of Stieg’s Sweden as well as its architecture and culture. Dark, bloody in spots, but good.

JeanJean reports Universal in Orlando no walk on Pebble Beach. Flip flopped back and forth between Giants, Pats. Rooting for one, and against the other as always. Both won, so split the cheer. Branch looked good for the Pats, dang nab it. Exciting games and brewskis galore. Yanks now tied 1-1.

21 years ago yesterday we were rockin and rollin in SanFran, Seth Thomas clock on the shelf still stuck at 5:04 p.m.

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  1. Please, please, please…. I want to see you in the housedress and pearls!!! Take a picture! It could be your facebook pix!

    I too like Wallender.


  2. yes and that was the World Series back in 1989 and now that takes place 2 weeks later.
    time flies…………………..


  3. Yes. I liked Wilander as well. Mats was a hell of a tennis player back in the 80’s.

    Alicat wants you to know that from now on when you review a show, movie etc, you must put a “spoiler alert” at the top.


    1. not watching geezer dancing w/ semi stars? i remember mats.

      flattered that alicat reads the blog, thought i was being subtle, sorry. they outed every detail in today’s post, times, everywhere else.


    1. Boardwalk Empire is overrated. I love Steve Buscemi, but not in this role. He is playing a ladies man and god knows that’s a stretch for him. Stick with “Fargo” type characters and an academy award is possible.


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