Leaves On The Ground

Leaves on the ground, leaves on the ground, hat pushed sideways, leaves on the ground. Stalks on lampposts, leaves on the ground. Hunter’s moon, various squashes, gourds, Indian corn, and leaves on the ground.

Marking passages, PeterB, K9Queen, Grandma Dinny. PeterB, his new bride Anne and I met when we were 25, now we have kids that age.  K9Q and Dr.H were jointly surprized on 35th and 40th birthdays courtesy of gorgeous staging of leaves on Lafayette Park in SF 1988. Dinny sat next to me on Amtrak in 1994, we were hot cougars back then. Or not.

SuperJake decked out as mutated bumble bee for NJ soiree. Finally saw 30 Rock, laughed out loud, not the same as LOL, which is lame. It’s the season of political witches and warlocks. And leaves on the ground.

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