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I like guyz in general. Some are cooler than others. On my cool guy list this week: John Slattery, I’d get in the passenger seat of his Lincoln any day; love Willie Geist on anything, he’s smart and funny, zany in a sane way; Russell Brand, ditto, in an insane way; los mineros de Chile; bloggers Jake-o-Lantern and his wacky Dad. Of course every week Jack. My Jack. Yes, boring as it is, he read my comment on the air yet again. I wrote about another cool guy, read it here.-Question: How will our children’s lives compare to ours?

The whole O’Reilly dust up on the View looked like a put-up PR stunt to me. I didn’t see it but since Julie Chen’s new show starts Monday, I’m just sayin. Oprah is taking Jon Stewart’s audience to the Sanity Rally. Oh yeah, he’s a really cool guy. Did I mention Jon Hamm? He was hilarious on live 30 Rock. Oh, that reminds me of Alec Baldwin.

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  1. Welcome back 30 Rock. The show has been great this year after a very poor showing last year. Tracy and Alec make the show. Tina’s act is getting tired!!!!


      1. Tracy is indeed a cool guy. I’m glad yours was a positive response on the Cafferty File. I just scanned the rest of them and think I’m going to have to dose up with some Prozac. By the way, I also really like Bill Maher and Malcolm Gladwell–more cool guys. Hopefully the distinctly uncool ladies like Palin, O’Donnell, and Angle will go away soon and make some room to even it up a little.


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