97 degrees today. Reminiscent of hottest June day in Manhattan at PithyV’s 76th Street flat off Park Avenue. 30 year milestone. Dr.Husband may say millstone. Seems like yesterday.

Maybe not. Let’s see. Reagan, Thatcher, Mitterand, Brezhnev, Begin, Trudeau led the world stage. McCartney-Wonder’s Ebony & Ivory. Kingsley’s  Ghandi.

Suite at the Carlyle, before our first SideTrek cross-country. Route 80. I drove on highways, then. With a little help from friends. Stops in Santa Fe for a full lunar eclipse, seedy casino motel in Vegas, ending at 1808 Pacific, SanFran.
A long and happy ride.

9 thoughts on “MileMarker

  1. Thanks everyone for your warm wishes. While in some ways 30 years can be a very, very, very long time, in this case it has been the blink of an eye. Or maybe that’s my twitch. Regardless I’m looking forward to the next 30 with my best friend.


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