Life Works

The article that is striking more debate than the lightning outside, is in this month’s The Atlantic. Anne-Marie Slaughter, former high-powered State Department director, has the guts to tell the truth. Women cannot have it all. It is possible to work and have children. It is not possible to do both well. A luxury quandary many women do not have. But, those of us women who cracked the glass ceiling and rose above middle management either made the decision not to have children, or sacrificed family for a career. There, I said it.

Reality bites. Something has to give. Having made the right moves for my family, it still hurt. My career, sometimes my sanity. What the wonderfully complete and complex article does not talk about is how those who are career-only employees also suffer the consequences of so-called work/life balance. Someone has to see the patients or take care of clients while parents are tending to stuffy noses or attending soccer games. There is resentment on both sides of the fence.

In this economy, the next generation will have fewer choices. Whoever has a job will work. No matter the gender.

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