Masked Ball

Masking. Unmasking. It’s a dangerous dance. A waltz of so-called classified leaks on both sides of the floor. CNN’s national security guy Jim Sciutto worked in Obama’s White House. His former ABC colleague was none other than Susan Rice’s husband. Hmm. Wonder where Sciutto gets his “inside info” on alleged Russia connections. It’s a CNN obsession.

Meanwhile. Korea. Syria. China.

Breaking News!

Every story on cable. CNN the worst culprit. 3 day-old retreads still qualify as “Breaking News!” Russia. Leaks. Women’s marches. Wire-taps. Tweets. What are we going to think when there really is a critically important story? Yawn. Yes. Trump is fertile fodder for filling airtime. But. Get a grip. The only real story is that I watch way too much political TV. Most of America does not. Many still like what the President is doing. Railing against the press.

As for International Women’s Day. I’m with Canada’s First Lady Sophie Trudeau. Google it.

Weekend Off

Trump does not take the weekend off. So buck up. Congress. Media. Saturday night protesters overtake airports as a poorly executed presidential order brought chaos to incoming immigrants. Where was the live coverage. CNN and Fox had taped pieces. MSNBC’s D-List anchors were giving false hope to fearful people as a result of incompetent information to local reporters. House and Senate were out of touch. They were golfing and such when they could have convened to right the serious wrong wrought by Bannon & Co. It’s a new world. Weekends off wreak havoc when Trump is always on.

Loco Motive

Don’t blink. While Morning Joe & CNN are hand-wringing for hours on end, the story’s around the bend by 9 am. As journalists ponder and smirk and sigh over Trump’s latest tweet or random sound bite, they are derailed by noon. Numerous executive orders signed in the President’s first three days are already on a high speed track.

If cable and print outlets don’t keep up, the Trump train will have left the station and they will still be standing on the platform wondering why they missed it.

Good News Bad News

Good News. Trump is emphasizing economic growth and jobs across racial and gender lines. Bad News. He’s still obsessed with conspiracy fraud in the election results and crowd size. TTSD continues.

Good News. Left-wing activist groups will raise bizillions of dollars railing against Trump’s agenda and social policies. Bad News. Identity politics won’t win general elections.

Good News. My picks made it to the Super Bowl. Bad News. Pats may win. Again.

Good News. Tiger returns to Torrey Pines. Bad News. If he doesn’t make the cut it’ll suck.

Daily Presidential Tweets

Yup. That’s right. In less than a week, the boring ritual of daily presidential briefings will be a thing of the past. Press secretary as obsolete as main stream media seats commanding the front row. If America wants to know what the President Trump is up to and thinks on any given day, wake up with the chirping birds and check out his very own latest tweets. If you want it’ll be okay to check out what his staff will say he really meant. But. Really. Twitter will be the virtual White House communications director.  #WTF  #UnPrecedential

Over Breach

CNN’s Jake Tapper & Co. have staked out their opposition to Trump. Chirons consistently point out their claims that what Trump says is a lie. They make snarky remarks about the President-elect after their so-called reporting. Breach of journalistic professionalism and ethics. Their zealous overreach makes their case more difficult to litigate. That Trump is indeed a charlatan autocrat. Why would anyone then take them seriously after they eagerly salivated over a salacious story that turned out to be a big dud. Sorry guys. You are feeding into Trump & Co.’s narrative that the press is dishonest, insularly elite, and politically motivated.

Hysterical hyperbole dumbs down what may be a real future bombshell.