Waldorf Salad

Should have kept our Apple stock. Dr.Husband got his iPad3. Between that and Siri, I’m a couple manzanas short. An apple a day keeps… you get the point.

Congrats to GemQueen on being honored at the Waldorf in New York on Friday for her work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. No one is more deserving of Astorical accolades. Eileen Gould’s Bridges newsletter and popular new Art Expressions program for cancer survivors and their families, highlight her stellar contributions. A-Man and MazeHome were there to cheer her on.

Sightings…JeanJean treating BlogisQueen to a sumptuous Louisiana lunch at Big Mamou. Thank you. Savage Stacey Richman in the real Page Six…Mackenzie’s off to Boston. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all who care about green beer and Irish fare.

NoHo Tune

“Massachusetts Afternoon”, SNL’s The Blue Jean Committee folk ditty set in Northampton. What’s the back story? Hmmm. Seth Meyers’ girlfriend is BFF of someone’s daughter who dates music producer in NoHo? No? Don’t know. Leggy women in NoHo? Whoa. No Ho. This is too easy. We’ll get to the bottom of the story. Catchy tune. Check it out. Fred Armisen must have a sister at Smith.

Romney says his real name is Mitt. What, Willard? Cain calls Wolf “Blitz”? Is he a reindeer? Hide under your beds, the Republicans are coming. Let’s head into a healthy stuffington day for all and forget these turkeys.


Dr.Husband got the new iPhone 4S. Little did I know that it’d produce a rival. He’s cheating on me with Siri. It was bad enough when I heard him talking to her on the porch, but when he started posing kinky questions, I became alarmed. He bought her a ‘skin’. It may have to come down to Siri or me. She may win.

Serves me right. I’ve become addicted to a new reality soap, the dueling doctors of Michael Jackson.  Also, A-Man gave me a good idea for a new book concept. Needed distractions from impending Halloween horrors. Snow Friday??!!

Another Orchard

 Think different. Imagine. Steve Jobs is gone. He will fertilize another orchard somewhere out there now. Down here, the mundane reality is that jobs are gone. Silly people pretend as politicians solve nothing. Local apple orchards are brimming for picking. Atkins’ Fruit Bowl is full. Life goes on without a core visionary.


Just four blocks down the street, mAdBen off to meet the new MadMen Associates at Ogilvy & Mather’s Chocolate Factory. Sweet. Maybe too much like “Sterling Cooper”. This year’s graduation featured a pyramid of martini glasses. Oh boy. Stay away from Joan and Peggy. Do I smell a CLIO by end of the week?

U.S. Open highlights. Aussie Samantha Stosur, I’m a new fan! Composure, determination, class. And she doesn’t grunt. Tonight Djok v. La Reina, my name for la Rafa Nadal. Tea Party debate. Oh yeah, Pats play Miami.

Mad World

Crazy Masters Sunday. Rory’s wreckage gave way to divine intervention for Schwartzel’s chips, abetted by Tiger’s timidity on the greens. Aussies acquitted themselves admirably at Augusta. Youth displayed character and class. Best thing about Masters coverage, no creepy commercials with old couples in bath tubs.

Speaking of Masters’ sponsors, loved Ogilvy & Mather’s new IBM campaign. Can they resurrect the Gap brand as well? MadBen’s new MadMen team.


MadMen’s Season 5 is in doubt, but mAdBen is beginning Season 1. Ogilvy was smart enough to select him as one of their prestigious Associates. After a couple thousand applications, they interviewed 400, then invited 53 to participate in “Super Saturday”, a grueling day of presentations and interviews this past weekend. Today Ben got the happy news that he was chosen as one of 23 new Associates. Congrats! Now we can breathe, but no martinis until after noon.

Full circle from Ghirardelli Square to Ogilvy Chocolate Factory. Sweeeeeet. 


Year of the Rabbit. Livin’ it. Happy Chinese New Year! And Thailand, too. Got dug out too late to make pie. Who was first on line at 3am for new Verizon i-Phone? That’s online. Classes today, don’t forget.

Poor Anderson got clocked. Journalists being rounded up. Scary. How long before Glenn Beck confabulates that Mubarak and Barack are secret half-brothers plotting to take over the world? Jordanian King should shed his Eaglebrook, Deerfield roots and get with his peeps before it’s too late there. Gonna be a bumpy ride.