MadMen’s Season 5 is in doubt, but mAdBen is beginning Season 1. Ogilvy was smart enough to select him as one of their prestigious Associates. After a couple thousand applications, they interviewed 400, then invited 53 to participate in “Super Saturday”, a grueling day of presentations and interviews this past weekend. Today Ben got the happy news that he was chosen as one of 23 new Associates. Congrats! Now we can breathe, but no martinis until after noon.

Full circle from Ghirardelli Square to Ogilvy Chocolate Factory. Sweeeeeet. 

8 Replies to “mAdBen!”

  1. Hip Hip Hooray to Ben-zacaine ( it’s ok I attended his 1st and 2nd bday parties in SF and that was my nickname for him)


  2. Awesome and amazing! More family on Madison Ave. Perhaps someday there will be a Levine & Wiggins.


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