Dr.Husband got the new iPhone 4S. Little did I know that it’d produce a rival. He’s cheating on me with Siri. It was bad enough when I heard him talking to her on the porch, but when he started posing kinky questions, I became alarmed. He bought her a ‘skin’. It may have to come down to Siri or me. She may win.

Serves me right. I’ve become addicted to a new reality soap, the dueling doctors of Michael Jackson.  Also, A-Man gave me a good idea for a new book concept. Needed distractions from impending Halloween horrors. Snow Friday??!!

8 Replies to “iScared”

  1. well I have “Miss Blackberry” to contend with my husband but probably not as many apps as Siri has. good luck. maybe time for you to get rid of that flip phone and get a “smart phone”!
    also keep us posted on A-Man’s book idea.
    hope you are feeling better


    1. Ha. He asked Siri if it was raining, what? I like my flip phone, I’m not smart enough for a smart phone.


    1. I’m enjoying it but it’s my first Iphone so what do I know? If you already have a 4 the upgrades in the 4s probably aren’t so significant that it pays for you to get one rather than wait for the 5 which will probably be a true “next generation” device.

      But then again, what do I know?


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