TNN Triggered

Triggered. Don, Jr.’s online talk show. Trump family’s answer to Rupert Murdoch? Definitely the prototype for a future cable network. TNN. Holding Company The Sorcerer’s Apprentices Media Group. Run by Don, Jr., & his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle.

As I’ve said. TNN will be staffed with Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Mike & Sarah Huckabee et al. Why do you think Trump has been bashing FoxNews lately?   They will be his future competition.

Time for TNN

Fox News Channel isn’t working for Trump anymore. Time for TNN!

Bring back the old timey crowd. Piers Morgan. Larry King. Geraldo Rivera. Regis Philbin. Bill Shine. Bill O’Reilly. Greta van Susteren. Howie Carr. Pilfer the loyal foxes. Sean Hannity. Jesse Watters. Jeanine Pirro. Laura Ingraham. Corral some former Apprentices. John Rich. Snoop Dog. Gary Busey. Bill Rancic. And oh for good measure. Just forgive Omarosa. She’s ratings gold. Throw in both Huckabees.

Managing Executives. Mark Burnett. Kanye West. And. Bill Barr.

Election Elegy

Whatever the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, there will be a deep collective sigh of sadness. For the loss of comity and civility in politics, journalism, society as a whole.

The Republican Establishment will have to find a way to acknowledge and address the anger of Trump’s supporters. J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy is the most glaring glimpse into generations of cultural and economic suffering in rural America. The country has reached a true tipping point.

Democrats have also left a large swath of its voters in the lurch. Clinton’s coronation was baked into the entire primary process cake with Bernie Sanders’ followers remaining disgruntled and disaffected. Big money interests will endure.

Either way the scales stay unbalanced. We’re left with a lament.

Retro Grade

Seems like everything is moving backwards in slow-motion.

Tiger decided not to make his latest comeback at the Safeway tournament this week. He hasn’t hit a golf ball in public for over a year. Will he ever again?

In Miami, it’s the Clinton-Gore retro show. Trying to appeal to millennials with a droning speech on climate change and revisiting hanging chads. Yawn. Meanwhile, Trump has declared war on the Republican party. Solidifying an eponymous third party for the future. Reminding us of his true end-game. This is TNN.

Flashback to M.A.S.H. Ran into Alan & Arlene Alda strolling through Central Park on our daily constitutional by the Lake. Looked like a happy couple of 58 years.

This is TNN

The joke’s on the GOP. And FauxNews. Many have speculated that no one was more surprised than the Donald himself at becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee. Especially since he’s always pretty much been a Democrat. But. As has been presented by media insiders like Mark Halperin and a full-fledged essay in The Atlantic, we can guess at his end-game.

It’s not to be President, which his self-sabotage and resistance make obvious. It’s to form Trump News Network. TNN. On-air talent will include ex-Fox-bots and loyal Trumpettes. Run by Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon. Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge will join the team. Howie Carr will have his own call-in show. Moonbats, hacks and rump swabs beware! This is TNN.