Weekend Treks- Olympic Wasteland

Opening Ceremonies: Torchurous
Nordic Combined:  Eating ice cream and Drinking frozen Vodka
Downhill: Too much of the above
Slalom: Navigating commercials
Luge: Phlegmy Cough
Bobsled: What about?
Triple Axle: 3 times spinning on the butt
Curling: Merry Maids Gone Wild
Snowboarding: Full Pipe
Hockey: Pucks

CandyPants Rant:  Valentine’s Day.

From the frig: Six minute shrimp scampi for 4- see Recipe Detours

10 Replies to “Weekend Treks- Olympic Wasteland”

  1. Just asking……Padding on the steel beams next to the fastest luge track ever built would make sense wouldn’t it???? Terrible tragedy that could have been avoided!!!

    On the lighter side…….

    Who was waiting for Celine Dion to come up through the “waves” on Titanic and start whaling…..Near Fah, Wherever………

    I was constantly craving for K.D. Langs song to end as soon as possible and when it did I said…..Hallelujah!!!!

    Hello???? Cirque du Soleil is based in Montreal, CANADA……I don’t know, maybe use them in the Opening Ceremonies????

    Thought perhaps Donald Sutherland was going to reach into the cabinet and show his ass to the world.

    Watching Wayne Gretzky’s face pouring with sweat during the “malfunction”…..Priceless!!!

    Last but not least……Joe Biden thought the Olympic Opening Ceremonies were a “Kick Man”….He was spotted soon after smoking a bone with Bode Miller

    That’s all I got….I be here all the week


  2. Ha! We said the exact same thing about Cirque du Soleil. That flying kid, enough already. Somber dancers slowing walking around in a huge arena, I’ll take back the Who.


  3. saturday night Joan is in the kitchen talking to Phil and I’m watching olympics, only what I like, don’t know how long I’ll stay awake! US in the lead in women’s moguls…..I’ll watch Apollo in speed skating and then go to bed. what’s happened to me cannot stay awake. love your website by the way…very cool. next time I come out lets get together still owe you a beer.


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