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If you’ve overdosed on pajama-grams or the nordic combined, here are some diverse treks for thought:

Local hero- Dr. Ian Goodman went from Springfield, MA to Haiti last week to rescue severely injured children.  He was able to bring eight of those who could be most helped back to Massachusetts.   A former pediatric resident, Ian is currently an ER fellow at the Baystate Medical Children’s Hospital (Tufts University) in Springfield.  His story is inspirational.

The Moth, is a story telling organization.  It was founded in 1997 by George Dawes Green, poet and novelist from Georgia, to recreate summer evening porch stories, told by everyday folks.  Now a New York City institution, you can hear the famous and not-famous recount their personal tales.  It could be replicated in any local community’s school, senior center, theater group.

If you like Sarah Palin, don’t read this provocative editorial from NYU’s Washington Square News.

CandyPants Rant:  Does anybody understand the ice skating scoring?  I liked the chauvinistic, corrupt but simple 9’s and 10’s.  And what’s with the mogul ski guys lounging on futons?

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  1. And for those in Alaska, Northampton, SF or London (where The Moth events are not) consider this:
    And old fashioned and uplifting way to spend an evening with friends,,,it beats sitting in another expensive restaurant eating and drinking and less calories, too.


  2. What do severely injured children, story telling, and Sarah Palin have in common? Your blog!

    I’ve known Ian since he was a first year pediatric resident. He’s justly earned a great deal of notoriety for his actions. I’d love to say that he owes it all to me, but that would be an exaggeration. A gross exaggeration. He was always a “take charge” kind of guy, very bright and committed to his work. I’m very proud of him.

    I know a lot of stories I could contribute to The Moth. Or maybe it’s just one story and I keep forgetting I already told it. Don’t know for sure. What was I writing about?

    As for Sarah, ’nuff said.

    BTW – Your blog looks even better produced on a Mac! Happy BD.


  3. What an amazing and heroic story about the 8 children brought to Baystate.
    The doctor should be given tons of kudos for his efforts on behalf of those children.
    The story continues to be heartbreaking from Haiti. I hope people don’t forget them.


  4. Agreed, the mogullers’ (sorry, probably not a real word) furniture is delightfully incongruous.
    Always enjoy the rant.


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