Dogs Are the New Kids

It’s official. Dogs are the new kids. In San Francisco they literally outnumber children according to this article.¬† Overrunning everything including the workplace. On the Upper West Side, it’s getting close to the tipping point, too. Lots of strollers. Some have little people in them. More often, pet pups.

Don’t even think about giving someone’s “fur-baby” an askance glance in a restaurant or store. You’ll get the evil eye. Like you said their toddler was ugly. So. Yeah. Dander-allergy-sufferers. We’re screwed.

Not wanting to discriminate. What was with the black cat on the field at the Giants-Cowboys game? Wooooooo.

The Case for Capitalism

Ken Langone, Home Depot financier and billionaire. Put his name and money behind NYU’s Med School. And. Now has made it tuition free for all students. Something political gridlock could never get done.

Howard Schultz’ Starbucks¬†gives tuition and health care coverage to all including even part-time employees. Better than Obama-care.

What the hell has the government done about mass shootings? Don’t wait for Congress to love its children more than its NRA money. So. The parents of the Sandy Hook victims are bringing legal suits against gun manufacturers for wrongful deaths by their assault products. Like successful litigation of the tobacco industry changed smoking laws.

Loyal Opposition

Senators Graham & McCain. Renegades on parade. Taking their commitment to be the loyal opposition to a new level. Graham just had an interview where he accused Manafort and Trump Junior of being go-betweens with Russia to thwart Hillary’s campaign. Then he said he’d propose a bill to keep the President from firing Special Council Mueller. Then he is co-sponsoring a health care amendment to leave States accountable for costs.

Meanwhile, John McCain whose time seems limited, is naysaying and calling on his colleagues to work together. Even though if he’d won the presidency Sarah Palin may have become President. She who opened the door to Trumpian types in mainstream politics.

Don’t be distracted by West Wing intrigue. These dos amigos may tilt the windmills.

Jimmy Kimmel 4/21

Yesterday was 4/20. Hashtag hash day. Jimmy Kimmel’s Pot Quiz. Learned new brands. Purple Haze. Blue Dream. Pineapple Kush.

IMG_0049Today is 4/21. Aetna anti-smoking cigarettes day. mAdBen has been hanging with Jimmy’s sidekick Guillermo in the heart of Hollywood to shoot a spot for Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Check it out at 11:35pm ABC

When Pigs Fly

Have we finally reached the pets v. people tipping point? When do the rights of the one trump the rights of the many? Bradley International down the highway had vocal local residents incredulous as they saw a woman with a pig boarding their Thanksgiving flight. Her “support animal” was allowed by U.S. Airways. What? Stunk up the whole plane. Finally they got kicked off.

In the same article, a tiny mention of a woman who is allergic to cats saying she couldn’t breathe and realized it was because her seat mate was holding a kitty. Get it. You love your pets. But, now they have more rights than people. Peanuts and cigarettes are verboten in restaurants, hotels and airplanes. So, why is it the new trend to welcome pets everywhere? Tabby-poo nuzzles up to you on your pillow at the Hilton. I am next to sleep on that bed. Without warning, I could be anaphylactically dead. Publish pet policy at the very least.

E Trades

Emotional trade-offs. Ian McEwan’s The Children Act¬†is packed full of them. An English family law judge struggles with making the best of lousy situations. She is a detached woman, necessary for her work yet it spills over into her marriage. A study of rigid religious and social constructs so easily shattered. One simple word or gesture can change everything. The novel is ultimately unsettling.

Ebola trades. Science vs. psychology. Quarantines overly constrain. Self-monitoring causes strange side effects like having a hankering to get on a cruise ship, airplane, or subway train. The major issue is resources. Hospital staff, law enforcement to track down potential contacts, proper facilities. Exponentially expensive. In the meantime, stay away from those e-bowling shoes.

Crisis of Competence

Casting aspersions on healthcare workers who contracted Ebola in Dallas for not following proper protocols. Blaming the victims. The real culprit is the politically correct jerk who runs the CDC. He cares more about economies in West Africa. Blames nurse for getting on a commercial airplane. Turns out, his people gave her the okay to fly even after she alerted them that she had a fever. Even if no symptoms, she treated a guy who died from Ebola. Common sense, anyone?

It is one thing when the guy bagging groceries puts eggs on the bottom of the sack with wet ice cream and bread. Incompetence seems pervasive these days. But, when it’s life or death. It’s not okay anymore.