Who isn’t? Even Romney may be back in the fray. Christie. Jindal. Kasich. Join Trumpster, Huckabee, Cruz, Paul et al. So many clowns in the little car. How does Arnold say his home state? Carly Fiorina. Nod to Jimmy Fallon. At any rate. It’s going to be so much fun!

Let Bernie take on Hillary as a sideline. C’mon. Vermont Socialist Jew with a Brooklyn accent? Talk about entertainment. Bring it on everyone! Still holding out for my Bloomberg Mike. Strawberry Fields Forever. Bon weekend.

Mal Weekend

Snow. Yes. That’s right. It is snowing. Again. Right now. Plus, Flu. Malaise. Gray days. Okay. What’s great? My four teams have all made it to the Final Eight. Go Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Notre Dame, Michigan State!!

Gail Collins has a fun pop up quiz about Teddy Cruz. I got 7/9.

Pick ‘n’ Roll

TV pick of the year so far. Conan in Cuba. You have to find this 90-minute window into a wonderful culture just off our shores. Laugh until you cry. Learn so much. O’Brien’s nod to Bourdain’s Parts Unknown with a slap stick.

March Madness rolls on. Sweet Sixteen. Um. Joe. Michigan State beat oops… Virginia! Who is still in? Oh, yes. All of my teams.

Girls finale. They are finally gaining independence and perspective. Growing up. Gone Girl. Found it at RedBox. It was good. Rosamund Pike personified Amy as in the book. Affleck not so much Nick.

Run Ted Run. This could be fun.

2013 Balance Sheet

Positive side of the ledger:

Pope Francis- Loves people more than ruby chalices
FoxSports1- Crowd Goes Wild
Game of Thrones– Red Wedding; Ray Donovan– Ensemble cast
American Hustle– Ensemble cast
Joyful nuptials- Ryan&Julia, Matt&Sarah, Daniele&Hadley
Hotel Giraffe– staff; Gramercy Tavern, Da Silvano- classic food, fun
MadDad Photo Contest- Side Trek
Joey3Sticks- 50 Clambake
Broadway- Book of Mormon, Motown
Goldfinch– Getting to see Fabritius’ painting at the Frick, not the book

Other side of the ledger:

Congress, especially Carnival (Ted) Cruz
Obama as manager
Dana on Homeland; Sylvia on Mad Men
Gotham Bar & Grill, Blue Hill– meh food, not so fun
NFL violence, injuries, thugs; Phippy wins British Open
Boston Marathon Djokers; Trayvon Martin jury
Carlos’ undangerous weiner
Dearth of good books, Tartt’s Goldfinch disappointing and dark

Sheet didn’t balance. More assets than liabilities. That’s a good year.

Folie – Age

Government still shut down. Reason Cruzified. Sebelius should be. Whatta mess.

Nevermind. Dad mAd family photo contest fun. Results to come. Muted rusted tones this year. Lots of leaves on the ground. Nuts have been banned in Amherst. Gonna be an empty town. Sightings… GemQueen at The Mark with Bruce Willis and young honey, not Barbara Walters… Brasserie Ruhlmann Hoda Kotb…A-Man with Janis Joplin on his bday…PithyV stalking gourds at Fairway Market in Stamford…Joey3 wearing Hernandez jersey in Foxboro. Uh oh. Quelle folie.

Cruz Control

He’s at it again. Live shot. 21 hours of bloviating. Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas? Sarah Palin with a brain. Self-promotion on steroids. Railing against cloture, then voting for it. He has united Republicans in their hatred for him.

Clintons center stage. Bring Bill back. He’s still the smartest pol on the planet. If it means Hillary takes him to the White House, fine. Chelsea is not a star.

Early SuperBowl predictions are in. JoeyPa(n)ts says Denver over Seattle. 27-17. I say Seahawks over Pats. Not sure of score. My witch powers don’t kick in until Halloween. Bye Bye Yankees, Rivera. Homeland returns this weekend.

Winter Break

Rare traffic in the Valley as hoards head to Vermont slopes. Plenty snow!

Respite from politics. Gail Collins’ column likened the Senate’s performance to the famously stuck boat. Carnival Cruz. Ted and his menacing mates. McCain questioning anyone’s qualifications is a joke after his Palin pick. No matter. The country can wait as they leave crap on deck and abandon ship for a week.

I will miss their raucous high-jinks on C-Span. More outlandish than soaps.