mAd Dad Trek

Fun Columbus Day Weekend SideTrek photo competition. mAdBen vs. Dr.Dad. DSC_0008DSC_0053DSC_0011

Meandering along the backroads of Western Massachusetts through Whately, Conway, Shelburne. Stopping when a vision struck either photographer. We all won. More on  TravelTreksDSC_0029


9 thoughts on “mAd Dad Trek

  1. OMG what amazing photos. no leaves turning in NYC yet. just all brown.
    what a fun family outing for you. hello to mAdBen and Dr H

  2. That tree is the all time apotheosis of fall trees. It is the tree I
    think of when someone says Autumn. Love the hole necessitated by the telephone wire. There is pathos in that hole.

    Red bridge a winner as well.

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