Parts Known

Back to CNN’s Parts Unknown. Anthony Bourdain this week brings us to Massachusetts. Assumed it would focus on Boston dining scene. Wrong! After taking us to his beginnings in Provincetown, land’s end of Cape Cod, he reveals that’s where his heroin addiction began. From there, he comes here. To Western Massachusetts. Route 91 North to SideTrekFalls. And Greenfield.

Heroin has been epidemic in these parts for decades. My former “facialist” first clued me in to the problem in Northampton in the late ’90’s. Kids of clients dead. From smack. It has only gotten worse as the economy declined. And when hometown sports heroes get injured, need surgery, they get hooked on oxy’s. Yup. Doctors as dealers.

Behind our red barns, beyond our fertile meadows, under our bridges of flowers. What you don’t see is a sorry scene. Bourdain is a brilliant journalist. cropped-shelburne-falls-18_3_21-2

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  1. I would love to spend a day wth Anthony Bourdain. He is not only a great journalist but knows how to produce a riveting series. Food is secondary to his wit and sense of humor. I hope he some how reads your blog. Would love to reach out to him and thank him for his insight and understanding of suburbia and what can and is happening. How much fun it would be to sit to dinner with him and hear his stories? Let’s make it happen. Les Halles not far from the new domain pad!!!


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