Kristmas Klear

Ignore those flakes. Not dreaming of a white Christmas this year. October blast enough. See broken oak tree. Stay away snow! Midnights clear.

When Kranky Kristmas thoughts intrude, read the new winter edition of MSKCCBridges newsletter. Inspiring stories that make the season bright. GemQueen’s wonderful patient support and leadership has extended to an Art Expressions Program this past year to be celebrated Thursday night.

K9Queen has been reading a lot out in sunny Monterey, CA. She likes murder mysteries and particularly loves the Harry Bosch detective series by Michael Connelly. She gives his latest The Drop 5 stars: Connelly…”again hits the high mark with a complex, twisting plot and a detective full of flaws… In this apparent suicide probe, Bosch deals with ‘high jingo’, the derisive phrase he uses to describe the machinations of corrupt local politicians in LA…”

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  1. Conversation overheard at florist today: ‘I can’t go to my brother’s for Christmas. My dog doesn’t get along with his dog.’ Silly, me. I thought it was just people that got kranky at kristmas.


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