Arrested Development

Never a show fan, its reprise seems apt. Everyone in government is infected with the disease. Including the White House. IRS chief, Lois Lerner, pleaded the 5th on our local law school commencement speech the day before. Whatta mess.

Weiner’s name a deal-breaker. If that’s your moniker, pick a different deviant behavior than package tweets. Can’t even say he played stick ball.  Jodi jury deadlocked. How are they going to seat a new one that hasn’t seen her on every television outlet? And, how do you say ‘fried chicken’ in Spanish, Sergio?

Good arrested development. Cancer patients’ survivor longevity and improvements in post-treatment care. Congrats to E. Gould on 5 years as patient editor of MSKCC’s award-winning Bridges newsletter.

Spring Board

King Abdullah of Jordan gives a controversially candid interview to Jeffrey Goldberg in April’s the Atlantic. As he trashes his neighbors’ response to the Arab Spring, Abdullah pines for his days at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. He has even built a school in Jordan modeled on his happy boarding phase.

Spring edition of MSKCC’s Bridges newsletter compares cancer survivors’ resiliency and the long journey of recovery to the plight of Sandy victims.

New York Magazine’s cover RetroWife captures the current phenomenon. Women choosing to be the modern version of a 50’s wife. I get it. They were brought up by absent moms, the feminists who tried to have it all. It’s a nostalgic nod to June Cleaver and Donna Reed. The ideal misses the reality of women who stay home all day. Mother’s “little helpers” are also back in vogue.

I’ll say it again. Richard Engel’s spellbinding account of his kidnapping in Syria is a must read. VanityFair, April 2013.

Il Papa Francesco will celebrate Holy Thursday at a juvenile prison in Rome. He may be the real deal. Zeffirelli’s Brother Sun, Sister Moon comes to mind.

Walls Bridges

John Lennon’s fifth album. 1974. Whatever Gets You Through the Night. It’s all right. Gray autumn so far. Darker mornings. When do clocks go back?

Check out the Fall Edition of MSKCC Bridgesespecially relevant in October.

Mitt the Massachusetts moderate has climbed over the right wing wall. Obama better learn to leap soon. Enthusiasm poll is the only one that will count on election day. He has to convince us why he wants to stay.

Cliché of the day. Friend jumper.

Waldorf Salad

Should have kept our Apple stock. Dr.Husband got his iPad3. Between that and Siri, I’m a couple manzanas short. An apple a day keeps… you get the point.

Congrats to GemQueen on being honored at the Waldorf in New York on Friday for her work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. No one is more deserving of Astorical accolades. Eileen Gould’s Bridges newsletter and popular new Art Expressions program for cancer survivors and their families, highlight her stellar contributions. A-Man and MazeHome were there to cheer her on.

Sightings…JeanJean treating BlogisQueen to a sumptuous Louisiana lunch at Big Mamou. Thank you. Savage Stacey Richman in the real Page Six…Mackenzie’s off to Boston. Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all who care about green beer and Irish fare.

Kristmas Klear

Ignore those flakes. Not dreaming of a white Christmas this year. October blast enough. See broken oak tree. Stay away snow! Midnights clear.

When Kranky Kristmas thoughts intrude, read the new winter edition of MSKCCBridges newsletter. Inspiring stories that make the season bright. GemQueen’s wonderful patient support and leadership has extended to an Art Expressions Program this past year to be celebrated Thursday night.

K9Queen has been reading a lot out in sunny Monterey, CA. She likes murder mysteries and particularly loves the Harry Bosch detective series by Michael Connelly. She gives his latest The Drop 5 stars: Connelly…”again hits the high mark with a complex, twisting plot and a detective full of flaws… In this apparent suicide probe, Bosch deals with ‘high jingo’, the derisive phrase he uses to describe the machinations of corrupt local politicians in LA…”

Time Spans

Ten years ago my main concern was finding my sister Cindy who worked at World Trade #7. Finally found her in mid-town thank goodness and told her to get to Alicat and Joey3. Then it was time for Ben to come home from middle school. He wouldn’t fly out to friend’s bat mitzvah that October, didn’t want me to fly either. Life did change that day.

Life changes for lots of people every day. Fall edition of Bridges is a good one with some funny poignant stories of surviving cancer. It’s amazing how self-absorbed people are. One woman told her friend about her diagnosis, pain. Friend was upset because it ruined her day! Happens a lot I’m sure.

Transition day. New career, back to work, school. For some. Yay.