Arrested Development

Never a show fan, its reprise seems apt. Everyone in government is infected with the disease. Including the White House. IRS chief, Lois Lerner, pleaded the 5th on our local law school commencement speech the day before. Whatta mess.

Weiner’s name a deal-breaker. If that’s your moniker, pick a different deviant behavior than package tweets. Can’t even say he played stick ball. ¬†Jodi jury deadlocked. How are they going to seat a new one that hasn’t seen her on every television outlet? And, how do you say ‘fried chicken’ in Spanish, Sergio?

Good arrested development. Cancer patients’ survivor longevity and improvements in post-treatment care. Congrats to E. Gould on 5 years as patient editor of MSKCC’s award-winning Bridges newsletter.

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