Violet Glory

 On stage at the Javits Center stands Ben with 3 other honored undergrads behind faculty illuminati during NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences graduation. 1,800 classmates cheer him on from the floor as he is introduced recipient of the Borgman-Phi Beta Kappa prize for most outstanding undergrad honors thesis: ‘Functional Data Analysis of Economic Bubbles: Creating a Coherent Shape of Inflationary Phenomena’.

As Ben crosses the stage with his diploma in Economics (highest honors) and Journalism (magna cum laude), President John Sexton reaches for a heartfelt hug. Ben says, ‘Thank you, John’. John replies, ‘Thank you, Ben’. Kleenex please. 

Next day, Violets in Yankee Stadium? A sea of purple stands. Joe’s smilin’. No, not joltin’ Joe. He’s there too with E.A. and Ellis. Bill Clinton emerges from the dugout right in front of Ben & Co. Bill’s speech had that politically charged Clintonesque touch of pure inspiration. Best of all, no purple rain.

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  1. WOW!! Super! Amazing and Awesome! Congratulations to the Magna Cum Laude guy!!! Ben, you rock!!
    Good job parents! You rock too.
    Love the photos…thanks go to Dr. H I presume.


  2. Ditto- kleenex please! So proud of u Ben. What great photos even through the tears of pride Dad. And kudos to Mom for a great review of the day.


  3. Congrats to Ben for all his accomplishments and to mom and dad for raising a wonderful young man!


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