Monday Bizness

Broken record alerts. My 1992 prediction that Yerp is not possible given centuries of cultural chasms, SideBizness. Frank Bruni’s description of graffiti on Portugal’s buildings reflecting futility for their futures while Germany wearies as it holds the purse strings. 60 Minutes, Lehman story. The SEC was literally sitting inside Lehman as it fomented false financials, now they can’t go after them. Wall Street will always stay steps ahead of the regulators.

Sunday Celebrations. Cuzin birthdays, we missed Christopher’s cake. A perfect game pitched. College credit for studying baseball? Yup. John Sexton, NYU President, is teaching a course in how baseball can make us appreciate life. ‘Baseball as a Road to God’.  So, that’s why NYU’s graduation is at Yankee Stadium. VioletGlory.

MadMen– Strange trip. Bert Cooper was ‘on the money’. Ha.

2 thoughts on “Monday Bizness

    • I remember the disgusting orange sherbet (we called it sher-bert) at Howard Johnson’s (HoJo’s). Acid-test on many levels. What does Weiner have in store for Megan? Why is it ‘impossible’ for her to have children?


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