May Beary

Home from a wonderful week in New York. Grad glow indulged. I’m a proud Mama Bear, what can I say?
Re-entry. Started A.S. Byatt’s, The Children’s Book. Cubistic Carroll-esque journey, but I digress.

So, I’m quietly reading on the porch, and look up to see Goldilocks’ family crossing the street! We don’t live in Manhattan, but geez. Where’s my banjo? Mama took her cubs to play in our back yard. It’s a Mama moment.
And Dr. Dad’s wonderful photos, of course.

6 Replies to “May Beary”

  1. I am with Joan – amazing photo of animals so darling you just want to hug them – hence the Teddy bear. Although hopefully I would be smart enough not to!


  2. Wow! That’s incredible. We don’t see that in Pound Ridge. Very cool. Great photos Dr G!!


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