Debate Advice 2

For Hillary: Let Kate McKinnon stand in and take the night off. For Donald: Go crazy!!!!

Hypocrisy is the order of the day. Republican party is in shambles. This is what we hoped for, isn’t it? So. Hooray. Enjoy a few more weeks of classic SNL, Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Tina Fey. Lin-Manuel killed it. Best in Stranger Things take-off. Brady is back. So is Tiger.

All is right with the world?!

Pivot Points

Media pivoting as predicted by conservative conspiracy theorists. From Morning Joe to NYTimes. Those who have been giving him cover. Turning to Trump-bashing. Now that he’s won the nomination and blown up the Republican party. Full-on Hillary propping up has begun.

Time to speed up Game of Thrones. SNL had it right. Yawn. Fell asleep. C’mon. Dragons! Action! Please. Can’t follow plot from Season One.

Mother’s Day spent with Icelandic glaciers and geysers. Breaded pigs ears in Reykjavik. Vicariously texting with mAdBen. Fun!

Sinko de Mayo

The sinking of America. Bushes won’t participate in the election. Their adopted son Bill’s wife is running. Despite the fact that their real son was planning to run against her. Who would they have preferred? Jebra or H-Rod. Wow. Paul Ryan isn’t quite ready to endorse El Trumpo. Until he unifies the party. Despite the fact that he won the latest primaries by landslides. Romney won’t go to the convention. That’ll be a blow to the empty chair.

So. Joe. Who’d you rather. Hillary’s cackle. Or. Donald’s hair. Bon weekend.