NoFo Donut Wars

The North Fork seems to have two fiercely opposing cinnamon sugar apple cider donut camps. We did our own taste test.

Harbes Family Farm  Mattituck vs. Wickham’s Fruit Farm Cutchogue.


Harbes donuts have a more cake-like consistency with a darker dough. 


Wickham’s are so wonderfully greasy that the paper bag is stained.


Dr. Husband is a Harbes fan. While Mrs. Trek is decidedly team Wickham.

Solar Sanctum

Can the sun cause senility? Or is it rejuvenating? One or the other. Forgot friend’s birthday. Got 4 out of 11 right on the New York Times weekly news quiz. Don’t know what Trump’s said or tweeted. Fleeting glimpses of dire headlines quickly ditched for the chaise-a-lajay. As my father used to say. Down for the day.

Still Life

Yes. It’s a bit still. Hot & humid, but for a blessed breeze by the water. Not much activity either. Reading. Frequenting ubiquitous farmstands.

Summer’s bounty in our cottage kitchen. From the Forks. Green Thumb in Bridgehampton. Harbes in Mattituck. Pop-ups on the fields in between.

Scanned Elizabeth Warren & Susan Rice columns in the NYTimes. Each encouraging big government spending and intervention policies. Biden’s still hidin’. Which may be the best strategy of all.

It’s A Comin’

At least that’s what they’re sayin’.  Tropical storm Fay. Doesn’t sound very furious. Recalls a children’s classic Robert McCloskey’s Time of Wonder. The storm’s a comin’. She’s gonna blow. We’ll see.

Three books in. The Summer House by Hannah McKinnon. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel. Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler.

Lots of grilled steak. And. Of course. Little necks & North Fork Sauvignon Blanc.

Coronavirus Chronicles Vol. I

2 weeks ago:

Had birthday dinner at Gramercy Tavern. Now closed. Sat outside on a clear warm sunny day sipping Sauvignon Blanc at Tavern on the Green courtyard bar. Now closed.

A week ago:

Dr. Husband shopped as usual at Citarella. Aisles too narrow to go there now. Pioneer is better. And. Fresh Direct delivered with 2 days notice. Now windows are at least 10 days out.


Next-door neighbor who is never home because she travels the world for work had a Peloton delivered. Luis our Doorman who usually gives me a hug was sitting behind the desk wearing a mask. I sprayed an Amazon box with Windex all-purpose cleaner before opening.


April baby shower for nephew/niece canceled. Positive reviews and calls for NY Gov Andrew Cuomo to run for President 2024. Maybe sooner?

Signs of the Times

Two lawn signs. Same house. Hatfield, Massachusetts. May 2016. When I saw them I said, Stop! We have to get a shot of this.

A woman opened the front door with her toddler as we pulled over to take the photo. Told us her husband was Trump. She Bernie. Asked us if we thought they’d still be married after the election.

Turned out Bernie got aced out by Hillary at the Convention that year. Will it be different in 2020? Horizontal class structure. Not vertical political parties. A rural New England couple seems to have forecasted what was coming in this country.

Bonaparte on the Park

cpw bldgOn a balmy afternoon. Just take a walk around the block. Our neighborhood affords architectural gems. The Kenilworth. Its mansards from France’s Second Empire. Transported to days of Louis-Napoléon and Eugénie. One of many landmark buildings close to home.

Olympics are so boring anyway.