Coronavirus Chronicles Vol. I

2 weeks ago:

Had birthday dinner at Gramercy Tavern. Now closed. Sat outside on a clear warm sunny day sipping Sauvignon Blanc at Tavern on the Green courtyard bar. Now closed.

A week ago:

Dr. Husband shopped as usual at Citarella. Aisles too narrow to go there now. Pioneer is better. And. Fresh Direct delivered with 2 days notice. Now windows are at least 10 days out.


Next-door neighbor who is never home because she travels the world for work had a Peloton delivered. Luis our Doorman who usually gives me a hug was sitting behind the desk wearing a mask. I sprayed an Amazon box with Windex all-purpose cleaner before opening.


April baby shower for nephew/niece canceled. Positive reviews and calls for NY Gov Andrew Cuomo to run for President 2024. Maybe sooner?

2 Replies to “Coronavirus Chronicles Vol. I”

  1. My prediction….The idiot in chief will prematurely spring everyone back into the normalcy of life, while those who have underlying health issues continue to die. He tells his base that these people would have died anyhow. His campaign and rally’s are rejuvenated with his new slogan…The Do Nothing Democrat Virus was a hoax while trying to kill our economy. Poll numbers soar and we get him for 4 more years. It’s coming. Bet the ranch.

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