The Side Trek – Worst 2011

10- People on TV.  Cover your cleavage, freckles, arms. Sleeves. Pleez.
9- Rabid FoxyLoxy in our yard later found bludgeoned next to a croquet mallet.
8- Tea Party Bags obstruct. Debt Ceiling Debacle.
7- Cancellation of Human Target. Miss Mrs. Pucci and torture guy Guerrero.
6- Restaurant quality. Even old standards fell. Blue Heron. Gotham B&Grill.
5- Last Harry Potter movie. Cute kids became creepy old characters.
4- Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Suicide for sale. Who would watch it. Um.
3- Still in Afghanistan. Bring troops home. Build roads here.
2- Amy Winehouse. Wasted. Life, talent.
1- Weather. Blizzards, tornadoes, hurricane. Wreaked regional, personal havoc.

10 Replies to “The Side Trek – Worst 2011”

  1. Movie that disappointed big time: Midnight in Paris

    Movie that surprised in a good way: The Bridesmaids
    “Wiigetti” excellent.


  2. just saw Bill O’Reilly and his family at lunch. he is much taller and thinner than I expected. still don’t like his politics…………………


  3. The Harvard Club. what’s weird is he was with a woman and 2 kids. thought it was his wife but she doesn’t match the photos. maybe it was the babysitter??


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