October Surprise?

No more talking. Parsing words. Dissecting sentences. Nit-picking facial ticks. It’s time for action. Obama needs to show us something. Not tell us anything else. Enough Letterman, Daily Show, View. Honey Boo Boo.

Where’s our October surprise? Better hurry up. It’s almost Halloween. Exhibit leadership. Do something Presidential. Catch a bunch of bad guys. Bring all the soldiers home. Make it big. Make it good. Or, Trick not Treat. In a couple of weeks, we could face threat of troops to Iran under President PuppMitt.

Comforting weekend fare. Veggie Lasagne. RecipeDetours.

6 Replies to “October Surprise?”

  1. you are making me very nervous……………………..ugh
    (however the photo of the pumpkins made me happy)


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