Eve Election

Bright spots pre-election post-Sandy. Alec Baldwin hanging out with stranded NYU students. Bloomberg finally making the right call to cancel the marathon. Powered people giving plug-ups to those without. Neighbors helping each other. MayorMike high-fiving Jake at 78th & Mad diner. Living 4 blocks from work.

Bets are in. Massachusetts. Scott or Warren? President. Obama or Romney? Close or Blow-Out? Late night or days out? What say you? Demographic enthusiasm to get out. Turnout. Eve of construction or destruction?

Rave reviews for Argo. Louie’s SNL less so.


Debate? What was that? I’ve been trying to reconcile my impressions of last night’s get-together. Obama jabbed and Romney ducked. It wasn’t entertaining nor fun. So much agreement. Tensions dissolved. I guess the Prez won. May as well elect Mitt VP. So little difference on so many things. NeoCons must have been throwing bombs at their televisions. Don’t be fooled. PuppMitt is still lurking in there. What he said to appease women is not what he’ll likely do.

Trumpster has a dirty trick up his sleeve. Something YUGE. Rumor has it that he’s going to out Obama for selling coke in college. You’re fired, Donald.

October Surprise?

No more talking. Parsing words. Dissecting sentences. Nit-picking facial ticks. It’s time for action. Obama needs to show us something. Not tell us anything else. Enough Letterman, Daily Show, View. Honey Boo Boo.

Where’s our October surprise? Better hurry up. It’s almost Halloween. Exhibit leadership. Do something Presidential. Catch a bunch of bad guys. Bring all the soldiers home. Make it big. Make it good. Or, Trick not Treat. In a couple of weeks, we could face threat of troops to Iran under President PuppMitt.

Comforting weekend fare. Veggie Lasagne. RecipeDetours.


Will it be a good date for Biden’s debate? Or does Ryan rise to Romney’s success of late? It’ll be entertaining if not game-changing. Why don’t the Dems play Romney’s dueling statements side-by-side? As Repubs did to Kerry. Mitt was for it before he was against it. Lots of things. Must be a Massachusetts trait.

Brown-Warren brawl last night at Springfield’s Symphony Hall. More substance, less ad hominems. Brown catered to local issues. Warren championed consumer causes dear to her base. ‘Hammered’ means different things to each camp.

What’ll we do after 11-6-12 if PuppMitt closes the deal? StuffingtonPosts.

Sunday Times

Seems Maureen Dowd and I see eye to eye. Charles Blow, too. Scary old faces have come out of the woodwork to assist Netanyahu in bullying us into a war with Iran. Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney’s poising to pull MarionetteMitt’s strings as soon as he’s in the White House. If Romney wins, we will go to war. That’s one way to create jobs. Deficit, shmeficit. Same ramp-up speak that got us into Iraq.

Meanwhile, Hillary reaches for Obama’s hand as they mourn the four lost at the consulate in Libya. Muslim extremists rising up. Michael Lewis‘ piece, “Obama’s Way” in Vanity Fair is a revelational window into the President’s decision-making. Fascinating. Comforting. Our choice has never been clearer.