Will it be a good date for Biden’s debate? Or does Ryan rise to Romney’s success of late? It’ll be entertaining if not game-changing. Why don’t the Dems play Romney’s dueling statements side-by-side? As Repubs did to Kerry. Mitt was for it before he was against it. Lots of things. Must be a Massachusetts trait.

Brown-Warren brawl last night at Springfield’s Symphony Hall. More substance, less ad hominems. Brown catered to local issues. Warren championed consumer causes dear to her base. ‘Hammered’ means different things to each camp.

What’ll we do after 11-6-12 if PuppMitt closes the deal? StuffingtonPosts.

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  1. I thought she did a terrible job, for the most part. The moderator who has done the most outstanding job in all the debates is our local Jim Madigan. Lehrer was horrid. he’s just too old.


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