Debate? What was that? I’ve been trying to reconcile my impressions of last night’s get-together. Obama jabbed and Romney ducked. It wasn’t entertaining nor fun. So much agreement. Tensions dissolved. I guess the Prez won. May as well elect Mitt VP. So little difference on so many things. NeoCons must have been throwing bombs at their televisions. Don’t be fooled. PuppMitt is still lurking in there. What he said to appease women is not what he’ll likely do.

Trumpster has a dirty trick up his sleeve. Something YUGE. Rumor has it that he’s going to out Obama for selling coke in college. You’re fired, Donald.

5 Replies to “Détente”

    1. Hopefully, no one will care what Trump says Obama did in college or any other cockamamie birther thing. Obama has other issues to worry about. Ohio. Florida…


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