Snowing Leaves

It’s snowing leaves. Colorful storm. Golden rusted flakes cascading to the ground. Crackling underfoot. Foliage suddenly gone. Took a Sunday detour from Autumn in New England to Summer in the Nevada Desert. Started Jana Richman’s new novel, The Ordinary Truth. Extraordinary readCouldn’t put it down.

Compelling story, richly written. Great Basin beauty is artfully conjured, but Richman’s portrayal of familial relationships shone. I cared about these people. Raw generational dynamics stuck in time. Secrets, jealousies authentically, searingly evoked. Conditions common to every family. This takes creating a crisis as a catalyst for change to page-turning revelations. Highly recommend.

Pats-Jets ending. Wow.

6 Replies to “Snowing Leaves”

  1. The Brady era has officially ended. Even with the “win” yesterday (Jets gave them the game) this team has no heart and the miracles are gone for now. Belichik is not the same tactician he was and New England football of the aught years is sad to say gone. Giants and Eli remain overrated though!!!


    1. Well stated and I feel your pain. After Montana / Young era in SF was over, the niners were clearly finished for a generation. It was sad to witness the fade – a little like losing a friend.


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