Indian Summer

SideTrek Route 5 North to Bernardston on a sunny 70-degree day to try FarmTable restaurant. Outside umbrella, pleaseCrabcake okay, if light on crustacean. Burger tasty. Sass Pinot Gris delightful. Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale delicious. Took home a loaf of their bakery’s olive bread, it was so good. Lunching al fresco on a warm mid-October afternoon, priceless.

Hopped over to Northfield on Route 10. Meandered along the Connecticut River on a back road that parallels Route 63. Through Montague, Sunderland. Hatfield farm-stand stop. Mums and bread in tow. Perfect IndianSummer Saturday.

3 Replies to “Indian Summer”

  1. forget the food, your photos are amazing. never seen color like that. what kind of camera ? don’t tell me an IPhone.
    enjoy another day of this divine weather!


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