Pupp Mitt

TeaParty’s Norquist says they just want a President who can hold a pen to sign every tax cut put in front of him. Colin Powell worries that a flimsy-spined Romney has surrounded himself with NeoCons. Mitt the Marionette is even spouting their arcane Cold War notion that Russia is our biggest threat. Would he string-dance us into invading Iran?

PuppMitt should stick to Bain Street. This he understands. Facebook deal slipped by regulators. Too little too late. Why is anybody still surprised? Insiders and underwriters always reap most of the profits long before an IPO hits the market.

Greece bails. Yerp out.

4 Replies to “Pupp Mitt”

  1. Joe Scarborough was on The View today (hush puppies without socks, eeeyuu) and Mika was in the audience. Again, eeeyuu. Creepy. Can’t they do anything without each other?


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