Eve Election

Bright spots pre-election post-Sandy. Alec Baldwin hanging out with stranded NYU students. Bloomberg finally making the right call to cancel the marathon. Powered people giving plug-ups to those without. Neighbors helping each other. MayorMike high-fiving Jake at 78th & Mad diner. Living 4 blocks from work.

Bets are in. Massachusetts. Scott or Warren? President. Obama or Romney? Close or Blow-Out? Late night or days out? What say you? Demographic enthusiasm to get out. Turnout. Eve of construction or destruction?

Rave reviews for Argo. Louie’s SNL less so.

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  1. As for the election … The lawyers will take over. Too many very, very close results in key states will result in law suits. We won’t have an official result for several days. And Republican lawyers play this game better. Just sayin’


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