Paradise Lost

Once a glittering mecca, Northampton is called “Paradise City”. It’s the latest title and setting of Archer Mayor’s Joe Gunther detective series. Gunther uncovers a stolen jewelry ring, and encounters some unsavory sorts. I’ve run into a few real-life residents portrayed in this book over the years. And, it’d be wise to be wary. Mayor hails from Brattleboro, Vermont, up the road.

K9Queen loves a good mystery series. I’m looking forward to Joe McGinnis’ local crime exposé. He’s the guy who moved next door to Sarah Palin and has been hunkered down in our Hampshire County Courthouse, at “15 Gothic Street”.

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  1. Via NYTimes comment, I logged on to your stuff. RE: books. Are you familiar with David Stone? Books set in Venice, western US, London, etc. Close to literature, I think. Spy, adventure, subtle but deeply moving romances, nature and character narratives utterly beautiful.


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