Topaz. November birthstone. Penultimate month of 2017. Already. Fall back. Need the extra sleep after late nights watching the World Series. It was fun. Love the Astros team. Altuve is my MVP. Also. Time for one-pot meals despite the thermometer’s resistance. We can still make stews, vindaloos or braised veal shanks. Osso Buco. Great after running the Marathon. Or. Just watching the fireworks at tonight’s opening ceremonies. Pre-Game Finish Line

La Paz. North Korea hot topic of Trump’s Asia trip. Can a coalition thwart a military option? Diane Sawyer has been investigating ISIS recruitment of young men. Timely 20/20 report. It’ll be interesting if it tracks with SideTrek’s thoughts. Brothers KaramazOff.

Weekend Picks

Kentucky Derby. McCraken – Win. Always Dreaming- Place. Gunnevera – Show. En France. Macron and his beautiful 64-year old wife best Marine’s poison Le Pen. Finish. The Last Painting of Sara De Vos by Dominic Smith. Definitely not. Adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale with Elizabeth Moss. Yes to Veal Piccata with Cavatelli.


Unfortunately Traumatic Trump Stress Disorder TTSD will endure for 4 years now. What remedies will there be? Besides drink and drugs. Read a great book. Currently liking Amor Towles’ A Gentleman in Moscow. Sweet. Turn off the TV and take a walk. Cook while listening to music. Go to the theater. Binge on Netflix’ The Crown. Non-news shows. Go to an art gallery or museum. Try to find humor wherever you can. NFL.

SNL a good antidote for anxiety last night. Kate McKinnon as Hillary’s poignant rendition of Leonard Cohen’s iconic anthem Hallelujah hit the right notes of sadness and hope. Dave Chappelle did more to eviscerate white liberals’ faux moral outrage than any right-winger ever could. Lorne Michaels has clearly decided to take the stand of edgy opposition.

Celebrity President

Predictions are in. mAdBen 294 for HRC. Dr. Husband 319. Joey3Sticks 301. Nobody thinks Trump will win. Why the TTSD then? Hmmm. Bottom line. Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. Epitome of fame and fortune. Milking name recognition for personal gain. Each would bring their own rarefied air to the Oval Office. Traveling in exclusive bubbles. Private jets. Security. Scrutinized for decades in the public eye. Reputations shaky. Dealings shady. Yup. Either way. That’s what we’ll get. A Celebrity President. Whadda country!

In order to thwart the last weekend of TTSD. And hunker down away from throngs of Marathon runners. Make City Scampi. Fresh shrimp from Citarella. Farm picked Fall produce from the Street Market at the Natural History Museum. Sancerre from Corks on Columbus.

Last Debate Advice

Cancel the debate. Chris Wallace will annihilate you, Hillary. Trump, you will self-conflagrate as usual. Otherwise, send in Alec & Kate. At least it’ll be funny.

Either way, we’ll eat and drink well in an effort to ward off TTSD. Scallops with Pancetta & Sun-dried tomatoes and Sancerre. RecipeDetours.