Not the München one. Rest easy. I won’t be wearing my dirndl in the küchen. Nor is Dr.H sporting his favorite lederhosen. But, we are making our own festival of Fall tastes from late farm stand treats of the Valley. Potato Turnip Leek Soup with horseradish and chives. Red Cabbage Apple Soup with sesame seeds, maple syrup and Asian spice.  Potages d’Octobre.  RecipeDetours.

Local autumn brews, too. Oktoberfest Lager. Berkshire Brewing Company. Octoberfest Märzen. Sam Adams. Red Oktober Ale. Wandering Star. Slug a large stein as you sip a small glass of fragrant rich soup on a cool dark afternoon. Bon weekend.

6 thoughts on “OktoberFest

  1. First of all, it’s my lederhosen. Second, it might be the Pu Pu Prince, but it could be the MGM Grand satellite buffet all you can eat Polynesian style stuff your face until you can’t stuff in any more food emporium. Free drinks if you’re gambling Just sayin …


  2. Yay!! Herchel’s jump for joy. The Christmas dinner tradition continues!! Looks like they are working hard. Hopefully it pays off as Springfield needs a shot in the arm, not a shot at the bar of a skanky casino……See Atlantic City.


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