Ben Meets Frank

When Ben Levine was invited to sit in on a New York Times editorial board meeting yesterday, he ran into a familiar looking guy. Frank Rich. “Frank” asked what brought him to the meeting. Ben told “Frank” that he was the Editorial Board Chair of NYU’s newspaper.  “Frank” said, “oh, the Washington Square News!” Ben was surprised and impressed and had a great time sitting in on the meeting- found the discussions to be heady and educational. Outsiders are rarely invited to the ‘Times’ inner sanctum, so quite a coup.

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4 Replies to “Ben Meets Frank”

  1. I have Man from Beijing sitting on my table, haven’t started it, but look forward to K9Queen’s review, as I have just started her previous recommendation: The Art of Racing in the Rain–and it’s seems like it’s going to be a really good one.


  2. Opinionater meets mega-opinionater. Quite a
    Coup for the young lad. But he IS going places. Maybe ‘Frank’ will see about a post grad job.

    I write this on my iPad. Yep, actually resisted for two days but after reading reviews, the inner geek won. It’s going to replace my laptop for travel and possibly iPhone for a crackberry since I type in aforeign language on the iphone.

    Reading ‘the Elegance of a Hedgehog’,,,seems good.


  3. I don’t like typing on the Iphone either…but don’t want a million gadgets….too many to keep track of and charge, etc. Kudos to you, Deb, for being the geek who is ahead of the pack!!!


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