Winter’s Tail

Last gasps of a long gray if fairly mild winter. In between Saints Days. Patrick and Joseph. Ready for Spring.

Rory went on to win The Players. He’s a good rep of the sport. Even if everyone wished him happy green when he’s orange.

Opined away on Frank Bruni’s column about the college cheating scandal. And. Maureen’s Dowd’s query, Is The Force With Beto?

Why. Every time I flip onto the end of Rachel Ray, she seems to be making mushy slop not even appetizing to a dog.

Leftover Libs

What to do with all those leftovers? Boomer libs, that is. NYT columnist David Brooks contemplates the dilemma of the traditional liberal, now a relic at Thanksgiving dinner. College kids embrace anarchical progressivism, tilting at socialist ideals. Trumpian types are unrecognizable to the Ivy League alums as even those country club Repubs. Nothing seems familiar anymore. The old school lefties earned their way up the academic and jounalistic ladders. They got the top jobs. Yet. Today feel weak and beleaguered in the wake of a new wave.

Neither red. Nor blue.

Crying Wolves

It is refreshing to have a President who understands that foreign policy no longer demands a knee-jerk military reaction. Obama comprehends the nuances of geopolitical regions, their diverse and entrenched cultures. Where did Maliki come from? He was living in Iran before he came into power in Iraq under the coveted Bush/Cheney ‘Democracy Doctrine’. Big surprise. He’s not a uniter!

Current polls reflect remnants of neocon fear-mongering. People are being fed the frenzy that post-9/11 terrorists are lurking around every corner. Of course, it could happen again. If it does, Cheney and his McCain, Graham, Kristol hawks will all yell in unison, “We told you so!”  In the meantime, how much more blood and treasure are we to expend? Enough already of crying Wolfowitz.

Coup Coo

When is a coup a coup d’état? When the military takes over a democratically elected head of state? Nah. We like Egypt’s moderate overthrow, so it’s no coup.

Was the rise up of the Confederacy a coup? Spielberg’s vision of Goodwin’s Lincoln, however you characterize the Civil War, was a failed operation. Kushner’s screenplay was either edited to oblivion, or it was just bad. Tommy Lee Jones was better than Daniel Day Lewis. Sally Field funny. Not in a good way.

Speaking of French terms, Maureen Dowd’s Bonjour Tristesse column in today’s NYTimes is a sad commentary on what has become of France’s unique culture as a result of YERP-ization caused by the EU. Quel dommage.

Forty Niners

Happy Birthday, Joey3Sticks. SideTrek fave blogger. Remember that great NFL team from SanFran? Montana, Rice. Joyful notions. Pats perhaps will deliver a better present next weekend. Still in your forties, so. Enjoy. Love you, Bro.

NYTimes Opinionator column by Simon Critchley, is an in-depth study of Mormonism, dubbing the so-called cultive religion as post-Christian. It’s an elucidating read, lots of stuff few knew. Speaking of 49er’s, Mormons were instrumental in establishing California and Utah wealth during the Gold Rush.

Krystal Ball. It’s the real name of a hot cable news talk-bot. And she’s not on Fox. You’re welcome, Joe. Oh, and 49 days to the election.

Rx Trex

Doctors as gods. Maureen Dowd tackles this topic today. With the abundance of internet info now, much of it faux, patients have become emboldened to question and contradict physicians’ diagnoses and treatment. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Many people demand every new test, scan, drug, because they’ve read about it and they can. Unless they have to pay out of their own pockets. Then, not so much. With the advent of ObamaCare, less will be covered. Tug-of-war alert.

Speaking of false gods. What’s with the deification of Chris Christie? He’s Irish and Italian. check. He’s fat. check. He’s a family man. check. But, is he really the GOP’s elixir? Once the Tea Bags hear all of his views, he’ll become Dr.Devil.

Yerp Out

Back in the early 90’s when there was talk of a European Union forming with one currency, I was a naysayer. I could not imagine countries with centuries of distinct cultures, languages, economic roots ever agreeing on anything as one entity. An article in The Economist, entitled ‘Yerp’ caught my attention at the time. It was a kindred cynical satirical view using the American tourist term for the continent. “We’re heading off to ‘Yerp’ for vacation in August.” As if Europe were just one big happy country. Never thought it could actually become so.

Wrong. The EU formed in 1998 with the Euro its common currency. However, as Paul Krugman says today, maybe we were right.

Tiger Bama

Tom Friedman says that President Obama is like Tiger Woods. Not for the obvious reason, nor in that other way either. Tom’s contention is that Tiger has forgotten his natural talent, instinctive skill, as has PrezO. Each excelled and eclipsed all peers at young ages. Both later got distracted by bad advice, uber-technical tactics. Stuck in the hazards, unable to feel the shots anymore. Just hit the ball. Be the man. Have a vision and execute it. Stop thinking so much and just do it. Yes, that old Nike contract cliche was right. So is Friedman.

Happy double nickels to Sis Cyn. She takes the shot. And who are those wild and crazy guys driving a 1965 Cadillac El Dorado convertible around Bucharest?

Ben Meets Frank

When Ben Levine was invited to sit in on a New York Times editorial board meeting yesterday, he ran into a familiar looking guy. Frank Rich. “Frank” asked what brought him to the meeting. Ben told “Frank” that he was the Editorial Board Chair of NYU’s newspaper.  “Frank” said, “oh, the Washington Square News!” Ben was surprised and impressed and had a great time sitting in on the meeting- found the discussions to be heady and educational. Outsiders are rarely invited to the ‘Times’ inner sanctum, so quite a coup.

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