Rx Trex

Doctors as gods. Maureen Dowd tackles this topic today. With the abundance of internet info now, much of it faux, patients have become emboldened to question and contradict physicians’ diagnoses and treatment. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Many people demand every new test, scan, drug, because they’ve read about it and they can. Unless they have to pay out of their own pockets. Then, not so much. With the advent of ObamaCare, less will be covered. Tug-of-war alert.

Speaking of false gods. What’s with the deification of Chris Christie? He’s Irish and Italian. check. He’s fat. check. He’s a family man. check. But, is he really the GOP’s elixir? Once the Tea Bags hear all of his views, he’ll become Dr.Devil.

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  1. Truly the second coming, until he’s not. I was sick of hearing about Christie before yesterday’s speech. Ugh! Make it stop already.


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