Witchy Hallow

Witch twitched. Grateful that our family dodged Sandy’s brutal blow. Blizzards, floods. Whoa. Enough to wag the dog? Does Romney’s momentum slow? Obama’s one last Deus ex Machina. Hope so. Next week, we’ll know. In the meantime, can’t we just skippy Hallow? Give me my broom, away I’ll go.
JakeTrik the annual exception. Pretzel Dino.


Is it just me, or are we in a slump? Politics boring. World events depressing. Farm stands waning. Mums, apples, gourds, cornstalks  have replaced tomatoes, berries. September slumber. Don’t care if Justin Bieber kisses Carrie Underwood on the lips. Oh, that wasn’t him? I’m a dinner jacket spewing annual hate to an empty General Assembly. United Nations less relevant than ever.

Good news. Real refs are coming back this weekend. PuppMitt is saying sillier things everyday. But, he’s just pathetic. Not entertaining like Sarah. Cooking bacon to break the fast. Now, that’s an expensive oxymoron. I atone.

Polling Polls

Polls. Romney up. Obama down. Obama up. Romney down. Polls are easy. Getting strategic voters to the polls will be difficult. Especially in swing States. Polls are a fun pundit game. Polling place turnout count will decide. Access to voting sites. Clear and simple ballots. Remember those hanging chads?

My vote is irrelevant in the general election. I’m a non-birth-control-needing old white girl in a purple-blue county of the most liberal Commonwealth. Just a few neighborhoods in Ohio and Florida will make the difference. However, my one vote in Massachusetts, could turn the Senate one way or the other. Literally.

Make My Night

Tamped out in Florida. What was that Clint thing? Every which way but coherent. It took away from heart-felt testimonials which rendered Romney not only human, but saint-like. They had me. A beautifully produced video about Mitt’s life gave us comfort that he’d be okay as our leader. And then… Marco Rubio. His story was wonderful. But, it was his. And then… Clint. Talking to an empty chair.

Romney finally enters woodenly shaking hands. Takes the stage. The first part of his speech was good. Personal. Authentic. Policy part lost me, especially Neo-Con speak. That did not seem to come from his soul. When Ann joins him, she freezes out Janna Ryan. Zero engagement with Janna, Paul or their family. Strange chill.

Who cares? mAdBen just landed in Lima, off to Machu Picchu. Happy Labor Day.

Munster Ball

Herman and Eddie. Ryan rules the Republican domestic agenda. Neo-cons will fill the foreign policy void. Rove, Kristol, Gillespie. Chilling article in this month’s VanityFair. Puppet Master Karl pulling strings of Mitt the Marionette.

Debate hosts. Candy and Martha, Jim and Bob. Meh. I was hoping for Leslie Stahl or Jake Tapper who would not let candidates ramble on talking points.

Treks & Queries

Off to the country house, Jeeves! I’ve changed into my weekend plaids and my purse is packed with fig newtons. What is the weather forecast?

Questions of the day. Cafferty asked what it means that almost half of Americans die with less than $10,000 in assets? Married seniors are better off than singles in retirement. Thank goodness, after 30 years of marriage, I’ll have someone to drive the mortgaged RV when we run out of dough. Soon.

Has anyone asked Zzzomney what he has been doing since he left the governorship of Massachusetts and lost the 2008 nomination? Counted his cash? Watched his wife’s horse dance? Jet skied? Blogged? All of the above? Curious.


Loved Danny Dickensian Boyle production. Like a laser beam into intimate history of the United Kingdom. Brilliant. Then, oy vey. Just starting the “M”‘s at 10:30 P.M. Three hours in. Commercials every ten minutes. I know, mAdBen, it’s your livelihood. But, geez. It’s all about NBC, not the athletes. Olympinoxious.

Zzzomney should have warned us about the snooze-a-thon to come. By the time the torch is lit, I’ll be snoring. DVR anyone?