Loved Danny Dickensian Boyle production. Like a laser beam into intimate history of the United Kingdom. Brilliant. Then, oy vey. Just starting the “M”‘s at 10:30 P.M. Three hours in. Commercials every ten minutes. I know, mAdBen, it’s your livelihood. But, geez. It’s all about NBC, not the athletes. Olympinoxious.

Zzzomney should have warned us about the snooze-a-thon to come. By the time the torch is lit, I’ll be snoring. DVR anyone?

6 thoughts on “OlympiAds

  1. I thought I was watching the Macy’s Thankgiving Day parade. Matt Lauer turns my stomach. He and Costas could have described the actual historical facts of what was being portrayed instead of yammering on about themselves and the NBC schedule. Almost unwatchable!! Please, please someone tell Paul it’s time to retire.


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