Crying Wolves

It is refreshing to have a President who understands that foreign policy no longer demands a knee-jerk military reaction. Obama comprehends the nuances of geopolitical regions, their diverse and entrenched cultures. Where did Maliki come from? He was living in Iran before he came into power in Iraq under the coveted Bush/Cheney ‘Democracy Doctrine’. Big surprise. He’s not a uniter!

Current polls reflect remnants of neocon fear-mongering. People are being fed the frenzy that post-9/11 terrorists are lurking around every corner. Of course, it could happen again. If it does, Cheney and his McCain, Graham, Kristol hawks will all yell in unison, “We told you so!”  In the meantime, how much more blood and treasure are we to expend? Enough already of crying Wolfowitz.

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