What’s Impeachable?

With a lopsided partisan impeach pit on the horizon in 2019. Speaker Nancy Pelosi admitted that she knew there were no weapons of mass destruction when she was on the Intelligence Committee in 2002. Yet she didn’t push for the impeachment of W. and his Neo-Cons.

So. Going to war under false pretenses when our troops were maimed or killed every week vs. Water-Gate. Monica-Gate. Ukraine-Gate. No contest. The latter three pale by any standard.


Major sigh as Trump squints at McCain-esque Hawks Graham, Bolton, Pompeo and Pence. Bomb. Bomb Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Iran. He said no! Because people may die? Don’t remember hearing that before. So. Okay. Yes. Many faces of the President. But for now. We’ll take it.

Crying Wolfowitz and the Cheneys twisting on the wall.

Dangerfield Doctrine

Trump’s Foreign Policy Analysis. We don’t get no respect. Anywhere. By anyone around the world. His vision is an expansion of his personal view of fairness and respect. Leaders must greet Air Force One at the airport. The President has to know the outcome of a deal before he embarks on a trip to a foreign country to negotiate. Be prepared to walk away from the table. If allies don’t pay for our protection, we will pull out our troops and close our military bases. In Germany. Korea. Japan. Wherever.

Have to say. Trump sounded more like Rodney Dangerfield meets Ronald Reagan. The world has to be nice to us financially thereby proving respect. Different.

Cuban Sandwich Picadillo

It’s the Cubano Dos and El Trumpo now. Rubio. Cruz. The Cuban crusts. Tricky Ted’s dirty tactics and Nixonian sneer harken back to the Bebe Rebozo corruption days. Marco el Rubio, not really. He’s not blond. But, as his SuperPac says, he is like Harry Potter to Donald’s Voldemort. Well. Sort of. Young and impressionable yes. NeoCons’ new rube.

Then there’s all those slices of ham in the middle. With lots of cheesey drippings. Spicy sauce. And most of the votes.

Desperately Seeking Somebody

Democrats are scrambling to find somebody to rise from the bench if/when Hillary implodes. Bernie energizes the moonbat far left base. Biden never stimulates votes. God love him. Gore rumor quashed before it became one. Kerry lame afterthought. Warren done. Anemic choices.

Repubs not so great, either. Jeb’s foreign policy speech at Reagan Library written by Dick Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz. NeoCons Term3. Trump, Carson, Fiorina anti-magnetic forces with short shelf life. Kasich not igniting sparks.

Tiger out. Spieth and McIlroy even. PGA a bust of late. Somebody. Fire us up!


And so it begins. Hillary hijinks. Bill bimbos. Chelsea Global Initiative CEO-gate. Clandestine Clintonian clan returns to the headlines. They make it so easy for the opposition. Their hubris knows no bounds. Laws don’t apply to them. Huma Abedin, tweeting Weiner’s wife, is Hillary’s closest assistant. Hill has also surrounded herself with Bill’s former henchmen. Mostly male this time. Her private emails play right into the Benghazi-crazed crowd. Would be entertaining if Dems had another candidate on their bench. But, they don’t.

HRC could be our commander-in-chief when Iran mounts a nuclear arsenal against ISIS’ knives. Drumbeats of World War III. Scary times.

Crying Wolfowitz!!

Neo-Con Alert! Jeb Bush is his own man? Then, why is Paul Wolfowitz on his list of advisors? Danger. Danger. Nation building warning. Leaning toward Jeb on domestic issues? Think again. Boots everywhere forever. Bush Doctrine 3.

Alternative not great. Dynasty 2. Clintons better but too much baggage. Old. Stale. Sketchy. Warren is not the answer. However. New ideas. New names. Please.


Worst 2014

Rape of the leaves. Construction next door.
Sochi Olympics. Return of Putin.
Crying Wolfowitz. Right-wing and media fear-mongering.
ISIS. GangWorld.
Ebola. E-bowling.
Malaysia missing airplane obsession.
Ferguson media hype.
Commencement Speech bigots.
Football violence on and off the field.
TV’s Newsroom. Veep.
“Cute cat” videos.
Construction next door.



Or is it? Same critics suing Obama for abusing executive power are calling for him to go to war. Now Lone Ranger good. McCain warning against more home-grown ISIS terrorist converts named McCain. Oops. What strategy does that fit?

Contradictions abound on both sides of the debate. It’s that pesky gray area again. We need bad guys in one country so we can invade it. That was so 20th Century. Should have left the tyrants alone. Krauthammer calls Prez’s foreign policy adolescently naïve. Like Mission Accomplished?

Crying Wolfowitz

Again. Texas Gov Rick Perry is joining the old NeoCons’ chorus warning another terrorist attack on our shores. Darth and Liz Cheney, Donny Rummy, Paulie Wolfowitz on every channel predicting (hoping for?) another 9/11. Those hijackers came from Afghanistan. Not Iraq. NeoCons broke it anyway under false pretenses. Now we are left with ISIS savages. Could they hit us here? Of course. Recruit from UK beheaded our poor journalist. But, it is beyond unseemly to hear these aging apologists lining up to say they told us so if it does happen.

Flashback. Rory hitting golf balls with Jimmy Fallon. Tiger acting as caddy. He didn’t look much different than the toddler on the Mike Douglas show years ago. No. Not Michael Douglas-Zeta Jones. Merv Griffin-era afternoon talk days. Yeah. I’m old. Bon weekend.