Major sigh as Trump squints at McCain-esque Hawks Graham, Bolton, Pompeo and Pence. Bomb. Bomb Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Iran. He said no! Because people may die? Don’t remember hearing that before. So. Okay. Yes. Many faces of the President. But for now. We’ll take it.

Crying Wolfowitz and the Cheneys twisting on the wall.

Dangerfield Doctrine

Trump’s Foreign Policy Analysis. We don’t get no respect. Anywhere. By anyone around the world. His vision is an expansion of his personal view of fairness and respect. Leaders must greet Air Force One at the airport. The President has to know the outcome of a deal before he embarks on a trip to a foreign country to negotiate. Be prepared to walk away from the table. If allies don’t pay for our protection, we will pull out our troops and close our military bases. In Germany. Korea. Japan. Wherever.

Have to say. Trump sounded more like Rodney Dangerfield meets Ronald Reagan. The world has to be nice to us financially thereby proving respect. Different.

Cuban Sandwich Picadillo

It’s the Cubano Dos and El Trumpo now. Rubio. Cruz. The Cuban crusts. Tricky Ted’s dirty tactics and Nixonian sneer harken back to the Bebe Rebozo corruption days. Marco el Rubio, not really. He’s not blond. But, as his SuperPac says, he is like Harry Potter to Donald’s Voldemort. Well. Sort of. Young and impressionable yes. NeoCons’ new rube.

Then there’s all those slices of ham in the middle. With lots of cheesey drippings. Spicy sauce. And most of the votes.

Marco Play-Doh

Why the constant drumbeat by the Republican establishment for Marco Rubio? He looks like a bell hop. Rarely shows up for Senate votes. Joined the Gang of Eight. Then, said he didn’t. Travels with handlers and scripts. More a follower. Not a leader. Glib. Affable. True. But, why is he the mainstream darling? Because. He is malleable. Like Play-Doh.

He’s the young latino who can be manipulated by the NeoCon illuminati to do their bidding. A pliant pawn of Kristol, Rove, Wolfowitz, Will, Brooks. Jebra was their first choice, but he’s gone. So, Marco will prevail. Danger. Danger.

Bush Whacked 3

It’s official. Jeb wants to continue the Bush Doctrine. He announced today that it would be good to put U.S. boots all over the Middle East. Shock and Awe redux. NeoCon coup. Incredible that he wants to send troops to fight a global gang of thugs in places where they may or may not be. It worked so well last time. Next in the family line of Cheney Wolfowitz puppets. Déjà vu.

And that’s not all. Jeb even trumps his born-again brother. Demanding that refugees prove that they are Christians and only they will be let in to America. Oh, goody. Why not elect him. Bush 3.

War Where?

So. If you follow the Republican call for a more robust strategy against ISIS. Roger Cohen’s NYTimes cry for U.S. to go to war. Where? Our boots on the ground in Syria. ISIS goes to Yemen. Boots in Yemen? ISIS goes to Saudi Arabia. Boots there? Tsarnaev’s were from Chechnya. Boots there? Attack in Paris. Boots again? How about boots on the ground everywhere?

Kettle Lead

A flock of new hawks. Joining the Republican kettle of McCain, Graham and Bush. Meet the new NeoCons. Women Democrats. Dianne Feinstein. Kirsten Gillibrand. Hillary Clinton. Shocking. Who knew? A concerted call to defeat Isis where they are before they get us here. So. Now we know what we’ll get with either Jeb! or H-Rod. Boots on the ground. War. Again. Squawking Wolfowitz! Pull the plug.